Photography Tips

The best place to start is with shooting modes.

The shooting modes will most likely be found on a dial labelled with
‘auto, Av, Tv, P, M’ and maybe more.
Selecting a shooting mode will determine
how your camera behaves when you press the shutter. Next comes the Aperture,
which  is the opening in your lens and controls how much light gets through to the camera’s sensor
as well as the depth of field. Depth of field refers to the area surrounding the focal point of the image
which remains sharp. A wider aperture (indicated by a lower f-number) lets more light through,
but has a narrow depth of field. While a narrow aperture (indicated by a higher f-number) lets less light through,
but has a wider depth of field. A wide aperture is great when you want to isolate your subject,
but when you want the whole scene to be in focus, such as with group shots, you’ll need to use a narrow aperture.